"On July 30, 2021, I had my new Black Widow Venom 250 mufflers installed on my 1972 Pontiac Firebird with a 455cid. I reviewed and researched the Black Widow mufflers for about a year. I must say, I am impressed with the torque and horsepower gain. The increase was immediately noticeable. And the exhaust tone is what I have been looking for for a long time. I'm happy!

- Keith R.

Broken Arrow, Ok

"Everyone that knows me knows how much I love Black Widow Exhaust mufflers since it's been on my last two trucks. Finally finished up the install of one of their dual 3" in/out Race Venom series mufflers with dual 3" turndowns dumped right before the rear axle it did not disappoint. Decent and noticeable rumble at idle but not obnoxious. Completely livable sound level in the cab at freeway speed... No drone!!! But step on it and you know it's there. There's no mistake. BTW it almost fits like factory."

- Steve

"I purchased a muffler from you guys about a year ago. I have always purchased Flowmaster mufflers for years on all cars and trucks I’ve owned. My dad is a gear head also owning many vehicles and restores muscle cars, so Flowmaster has been his go to. Hearing this muffler on my truck w an intake is insane!! Your muffler is a game changer. Everyone who hears it asks and is seriously all that I will buy from here on out. Thanks for a better muffler and now in my opinion the best."

- Katelyn

"About 3 months ago I purchased a Black Widow Race Venom for my 2014 Silverado 5.3. I didn't want the same old boring sound that everyone puts on their truck here in Indiana. This is THE BEST SOUNDING EXHAUST FOR A TRUCK I HAVE EVER HEARD. I have people ask me all the time what exhaust I'm running and all I do is point to the sticker on the back window. Thanks for a great product."

- Don

"Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know how great your mufflers are. Just installed 2 Venom 250’s on my 300C and all I can say is wow – mean sound at idle and no drone... I mean none. Once up to cruising speed I can’t even hear the exhaust. I have tried many mufflers – seriously about eight different ones and, by far, these are the best. Thank you guys for making such a great muffler!!"

- Tony

"Installed my new 3" race venom on my 2015 Silverado Monday. It's paired with my long tube headers and y-pipe – all 3" exhaust. I ran it out to dual 45 degree with 4" tips. All I can say is this is my 3rd exhaust setup since I've owned the truck for 3 1/2 months and HOLY SHIT!! It sounds absolutely amazing! I've already gotten so many people complimenting and asking what exhaust I'm running. Your product is badass, I've never heard such a good sounding exhaust with no drone at all. Thanks again!!"

- Adam
2015 Silverado

"I have never really been into modifying my exhausts on any of my vehicles until I started to get into muscle cars, even then listening to others with loud exhaust, I could only imagine the cabin drone – and they would sound good up until around 3600rpm and then go blatty or flat. When I got into a Hellcat I felt that the factory exhaust was a good start but not as bass- heavy as I would have anticipated a vehicle of that trim to be. So after doing lots of reading, watching videos, and calling shops I kept recommended to Black Widow when I would describe the deep throaty late 1960's muscle sound I was looking for. So I listened! I installed some Race Venoms, and I now have an excellent idle, acceleration and flyby tone. Weekly I am asked about my exhaust setup. The answer is always simple and said with a smile... Black Widow. They have made me a believer for life."

- @Deadcru5tpunk on Instagram
2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat

"Just giving you guys a shout out on a sick product. This Race Venom 3in/3in on my 04 silverado is the exact sound I was looking for. I have CAI, throttle body spacer and bully dog. But this 3 in all the way help my throttle responce quite a bit. Thanks again for an awsome product and its got all my buddies itching to order!"

- Travis
'04 Silverado

"Love it. I've gotten more compliments on it 2 weeks after install than I ever did on the old Magnaflow setup."

- Josh
Raptor 6.2L

"I love the way it sounds on my expedition. I was pulling people out in 4wd, engine screaming and everyone was asking me wtf I had done to the motor."

- Alon

"I love the way the thing sings, a gnarly growl at low rpm and they clap like a late model dirt car at WOT. Thank you!"

- Mike
2012 Challenger SRT8 Hemi

"I will be running these exclusively from here on out and I'll do all I can to sell these to anyone that asks about a muffler. I loved them the first time I heard them and they sound even better in person!!!"

- Levi

"There was a tremendous improvement on how quiet it is in the cab, but I still have that nice sound outside the car. It's incredible."

- Juan
Santa Ana, CA
'98 Chevy Camaro – Single 3" center/center Pro Venom 350-series
LS1, Torquer2 cam, long tube headers

"Had it welded up today. Muffler shop was very impressed. While I was there a muffler delete system was being installed on a 2015 Jeep SRT... both got done at the same time. My truck got a lot more attention when it was started – smiles all around. The installers made a "wtf face" when I showed them how the muffler was made... they were extremely impressed with the sound. Great job Black Widow!!!"

- Eric
Ocala, FL
Nissan Titan – Single 3" center/center Venom 300-series
JBA LT, Cajun bpipes, full JBA 3" piping with y pipe, BLACK WIDOW, vibrant ultra quiet resonator

"The stock muffler hardly had any sound. With the Black Widow muffler installed, sounds throaty and good. Not too loud and smooths out as speed steadies."

- David
Caldwell, ID
'14 Dodge Ram v6 – Single 3" center/center Venom 250-series

"Installed on my 98 Ram 1500 5.9L Magnum with 240K miles. Sounds great at idle and on the road. Far superior to the glass pack the previous owner had installed. I needed one on this truck, now I want Black Widows on the rest of my vehicles!"

- John
Kingston, ID

"I highly recommend Black Widow. Blows Flowmaster and Magnaflow out of the water."

- scotthatesyouu (Instagram)

"Congrats Jake!! My buddies and I came out Saturday to watch. Your car looked great and performed great. That thing sounds amazing!! Best sounding car out there!! "

- 1bikenerd (Instagram)
(To Jake Roselle - winner of the first Optima OUSCI event of 2015)

"I've been in the custom exhaust buisness for over ten years. I've always been a Flowmaster guy – even had the nickname "Mr. Flowmaster" until I heard the Black Widow mufflers."

- Josh
Statesboro, GA

"I absolutely love it! I've never heard a muffler like this and I'm blown away by the sound! "

- Travis
'05 Sierra Denali/6.0/2 3" center/center Pro Venoms

"Installed on a Ford Ranger 3.0 6cyl. I first made the exhaust pipe then I had the customer get in the truck and I raised it up. I would slide a Flowmaster on and then have him start it up. I also did it with a Magnaflow and then your muffler. I rotated the mufflers 3 times and had him pick the sound he liked best, not knowing which muffler I had on. He picked yours all three times."

"I have a set of Black Widow mufflers on my 2010 Dodge Challenger. Amazing sound and zero drone. I've had other mufflers such as Flowmaster, Cherry Bomb, and Magnaflow. Black Widow blows them outta the water. Very happy with my set up."

- Fernando
'10 Dodge Challenger/8cyl./Dual 2.5" side/center Venom 250-series

"I wanted to try something different to get away from the typical Honda tin can sound and I think I accomplished that. It sounds deep at idle and mean at full throttle. No rasp or annoying drone and doesn't sound like I'm trying to race everybody from every stoplight definitely not the typical Honda fart canon. Everyone that has heard it has been very impressed with it."

- Eddie
Phoenix, Arizona
'92 Acura Integra/4cyl./Single 3" center/center Venom 250-series

"I am so impressed with how good the exhaust sounds outside of the car and how incredibly quiet it is inside the car at all rpms."

- Tristen
LS Swapped '03 Infinity G35/2-Pro Venom 250-series (3")

"Before, I would hate going on long trips in my truck. It got to the point where people wouldn't want to ride with me because they would get headaches. Now it's cherry. It sounds way better and sounds more aggressive."

- Victor
09 Silverado/5.3L/Venom 300-series/K&N Cold Air Intake

"Sound outside is incredible. Sound inside has a little drone at 2krpm, but nothing like your chamber competitors."

- Hunter
Lumberton, Texas
91 Ford Bronco 5.8. Stock motor/shortie headers/2.25" down pipes/2.25"-3" collector/3" cat/Single Venom 300-series muffler/3" tailpipe/4" tip.

"Amazing people to do business with. I don't mind promoting them and their products at any show or event. Product speaks for itself. Thanks for the great product guys – my club will help spread the word of your exhaust system everywhere we go. Hope you become the most wanted product out there." #CALI ROAD KINGS

- Danny
Nipomo, CA

BMW 540i/v8/Single 2.5" side/center Pro Venom 250-series

"Mufflers are on the car. I love the new sound. Sounds down right mean at idle, even tougher under mild acceleration, at highway speed cool and mellow, perfect all around."

- Lee
Roland, AR

"Team, just received my mufflers, WOW!!! Too bad they mount under the car, as few will see them. Excellent quality! Well worth the wait. THANKS again!!!"

- Dave
Bath, NH
’37 Ford Coupe/383 Stroker/445hp/Dual Pro Venom 250-series mufflers