Absolutely love it, put it on my 1996 F150 XLT and gave it the noise and rumble an American V8 deserves. Thanks a ton! (2.5" Neighborhater)

I just recently purchased a pair of venom 300's from you guys. After years of running Flowmasters, Magnaflow, Cherry Bomb and Borlas and never being truly satisfied with the sound and tone of my exhaust trying 2.5" and 3" just not getting the note i was looking for! I've spent literally hours on youtube listening to different muffler manufacturer sounds on many different setups! I eventually stumbled on a couple short sound clips of the Venom 300 as I wasn't after overall loudness as I was for tone and take advantage of the cam so I could hear the chop without pissing my neighbors off hahaha! I have had my 1986 suburban for almost 20 years and have had at least a dozen different muffler/exhaust setups over the years! Just this last week I had your venom 300's with 3" and a H-pipe installed under her, I wish I had the words to describe the level of satisfaction I have when I fire up the 383 from cold start, wide open throttle to idling at a stop light I cannot get enough of this setup! all I can say is I wish I would have found your product years ago!!!!!! (1986 suburban, 383 stroker 420hp/490tq, 3" exhaust with H-pipe & 2 venom 300's)

10/10 paired it with 2.5 inch pipe front to back duals and 4 inch tips on my 01 Silverado and it’s the best setup I’ve heard in a while and I’m not saying it because it’s mine, everyone around me loves the sound it gives off! (Venom 250 2.5" Dual/Dual)

I'm a little late sending you this as I've had the 250 venom on my frontier for a couple weeks..wanted to let you know it sounds Killer!!.. wish I would have done this sooner.. you nailed it when recommended the 250 as a good choice.(might try the race venom some day) but honestly, this one is perfect...sounds amazing!!!..went 2.5 from the y-pipe all the way back to a 4 inch tip.. I'll try to send some sound clips soon..thanks again, appreciate the recommendation! (2004 Nissan Frontier 3.3l V6 4x4 - Venom 250)

Had a great conversation with Bill Speed about what mufflers I should put on my truck and he suggested these and I was concerned at first with how small they are and that they were gonna be way to loud with 2.5 true dual H pipe and no cats. But boy does Bill know his mufflers. Idle is deep and raw with the cam and then it gets a deep throaty growl with very deep pop sound like a truck should sound. 10 out of 10 and these are my go-to mufflers in the future. (2.5" offset/center Angry Housewife's)

Absolutely love my new muffler, makes my Tahoe sound great and doesnt have the drone as other companies do! (3" Neighborhater)

I coupled two of these with an off-road x-pipe and turndowns. This was installed on my "stock" 1965 mustang with a 289. I was pleasantly surprised by the sound this muffler produced. Great product! (Dual Venom 250's)

Just perfect is the only way I can describe the sound. It's not loud and obnoxious, it's just right sounds amazing. This is the 5th muffler I've purchased from Black Widow and love every one of them. Thanks ('08-'15 Silverado Race Venom Turndown Kit)

Very happy w/ the widowmakers. Sound amazing on my red eye hellcat. (3" Widowmakers)

I installed this muffler on both my '21 Durango R/T and my '08 F150 and they both sound badass. (Race Venom 2.5" dual/dual)

The packaging and presentation was great, just as my last order was. No damage to products. Very well made product. Awesome deep tone executed on my last two trucks. I absolutely love the Angry Housewife, enough to rock the decals on the front and back glass of my truck!

Exactly what my truck needed! Went from a Magnaflow to the Neighborhater. Was kinda worried the sound wouldn’t make a difference with the cut out that I have before the muffler but it makes it that much better!!! Great product! Huge fan of Black Widow's style and following!

Great product!! I purchased them as a gift and my brother loved the exhaust. (Venom 250 center/center)

At first I wasn’t sure with this exhaust. I’ve always had Flomaster on my cars. But friend told me that I would not be disappointed. So I went with it and purchased it. And some awesome shirts. The day comes and I drop my ride off at Dave’s Mufflers. He had also told me my ride is going to sound much better. I said ok will see later today. So I return and I get my Camaro turn it on and I was like holy shit I should bought these mufflers long time ago I was very happy and impressed. I Recommend these exhaust the neighborhater was sounding real good.

This muffler is excellent. Has a great sound, honestly was a little worried about how loud it was going to be but it really sounds aggressive while not being too loud (Neighborhater).

Very good, I am very impressed with the sound and quality! (Race Venom Single/Dual)

Perfect sound on my 79 camaro with a 327, dart heads and a summit 1785 cam. Really makes the cam sound bigger than it is. The flow rate is a huge improvement over my flowmaster 40's. Very well made. Best of all they are made in AMERICA unlike the new flowmasters. (Venom 250 offset/offset)

Love them they sound great on my customers 1972 Chevy P10 LS Swapped 5.3! (Neighborhater)

These are the best mufflers I have ever used on any of my projects. Smoothest welding material I have ever had the pleasure of throwing a bead to. Awesome product and great customer service. I will be recommending these to everyone I know. (Angry Housewife)

Yeah very happy, it gave my truck a good deep tone even though I kept the resonators and cat conv, couldn’t be any happier. (Race Venom single/dual)

Installed a pair of these on my 1975 El Camino small block with long tube headers and my goodness does it sound amazing!! Sounds like a drag car getting ready for a pass!! There was a little mishap on shipping but you guys took care of that with no issues and I am extremely grateful!! I am very pleased with this exhaust and will definitely be ordering more of these in the future!! (Neighborhater)

I’m absolutely stoked with these! Thanks for a great product! (Race Venom offset/offset)

The mufflers I ordered were shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. Build quality is amazing on both pieces and I can't wait to get them installed and make some noise! (Angry Housewife offset/center)

Thanks for the mufflers just had then installed yesterday on my c10, sounds great with the 383 stroker! (Widowmaker 10)

Love the mufflers they are definitely loud with full 3 inch exhaust. Thank you. (Venom 250 offset/offset)

Everything about this company is amazing! From the awesome aggressive sound of your mufflers, to the well made shirts, and stickers. Amazing customer service, and Blackwidow goes above and beyond to take care of their customers. I am definitely a customer for life!! (Angry Housewife center/center)

They sounds f***ing amazing! I put them on a 2017 challenger rt 5.7L hemi, and jesus... some dude at my shop, had a srt8 straight piped and was jealous. The only concern I have is I got some drone in the cabin when in sport more but nothing crazy (would rate the drone a 6 of 10) but would rate these mufflers a 9.9 of 10. Put them in place of the mid mufflers, and straight piped it to quad tips. (Neighborher)

As usual great product great customer service and quick delivery time. (Race Venom single/dual)

10/10 would recommend. Easy install. And sounds beyond amazing. (Venom 250 center/center)

Product was just as expected, packaged nice and the performance of the muffler on my 1997 Ram 1500 4x4. Sounds amazing, makes me feel like a teenager again!! (Angry Housewife)

Sounds amazing on my 2015 Challenger. (Angry Housewife)

Mufflers came on time, fit perfect and the car sounds great. Keep up the good work! (Neighborhater)