All Black Widow mufflers are universal and are not a direct replacement to your OEM muffler. They may require additional materials for installation such as additional tubing and adapters. Because of this, we always recommend installation by a qualified muffler shop.

Factory mufflers install with a hanger directly connected to the body of the muffler. Our Warranty requires the same. Please see our Warranty for details.

All Venom 250-series, 300-series, Race Venom and Widowmaker mufflers are bi-directional and can be installed in either direction without affecting sound quality. This applies to both center/center and side/center configurations.
Pro Venom Installation

System Setup

"X" Pipe
For optimal sound and performance on dual exhaust systems, we recommend an "X" pipe. X Pipe Installation

"Y" Pipe (Outlet)
For dual tailpipes on a single pipe system, a Y pipe is required since our mufflers have a single outlet. Horsepower will not be sacrificed as our mufflers have a straight through/open design. Y Pipe Installation

"Y" Pipe (Inlet)
For a single muffler system with two inlet exhaust pipes, a Y pipe is required. Y Pipe Installation

Single muffler to dual mufflers
As an option for a previous single muffler system with two exhaust pipes and limited space, a true dual exhaust system can be created by installing two mufflers side-by-side.
Y Pipe Installation

For additional details regarding your muffler warranty and installation, please refer to the "Warranty” page on our website or contact us with questions.