Dyno Comparisons

In June of 2015, independent Dyno tests were conducted between Black Widow's Venom 250-series muffler and 3 other competitors' products at Westec Performance Group out of Temecula, CA. Tests were done in a controlled environment and taken between 3500rpm and 6500rpm. Click on each link to view and compare results.

Dyno Test 1 – Black Widow Venom 250-series
Max. Torque – 455.6 at 5200rpm
Black Widow Venom Dyno (click here)

Dyno Test 2 – Competitor M
Max. Torque – 452.5 at 5300rpm
Competitor M (click here)

Dyno Test 3 – Competitor F
Max. Torque – 455.1 at 5100rpm
Competitor F (click here)

Dyno Test 4 – Competitor B
Max. Torque – 453.7 at 5300rpm
Competitor B (click here)

Venom Dyno Thumbnail