Q: Should I use hangers on my Black Widow mufflers?
A: All OEM mufflers have at least 1 or more hangers attached to the muffler. Black Widow Exhaust mufflers are no different and require at least 1 hanger on the endcap or body of the muffler (not on the inlet or outlet tubing). Not doing so will void your warranty.

Q: What's the difference between your Race Venom and Widowmaker mufflers?
A: Our Race Venom mufflers produce a crisp and aggressive sound whereas our Widowmaker mufflers are deeper with an aggressive tone and tend to have a more "throaty" sound.

Q: My exhaust has only one stock muffler. Do I need two mufflers to get a more aggressive sound?
A: No, switching to dual mufflers is more for effect if your vehicle was originally set up with one muffler. Our mufflers will give your car or truck a more aggressive sound over your stock muffler. (Note: our mufflers have a nice deep tone at idle; however, they will not make a 6-cylinder motor sound like an 8-cylinder motor)

Q: Should I use an X-pipe?
A: If you're running a dual exhaust system, we recommend an X-pipe (or H-pipe) for "ideal" sound results and to promote scavenging (burning off of unused gas); however, an X-pipe is not necessary to obtain quality results. X-pipes can also be purchased through our web site.

Q: Which muffler is loudest?
A: Generally, the smaller the muffler the louder they will be. For that reason, our Neighborhater muffler is typically our loudest muffler.

Q: Which muffler is best for my car or truck?
A: All of our mufflers are universal and can be made to fit almost any exhaust system. Our 300-series are the least aggressive. Our 250-series are mid-range and our Race Venom, Angry Housewife and Widowmaker mufflers are the most aggressive. Visit, YouTube, Instagram and our "Listen" page for sound samples.

Q: I have 2 1/4" exhaust pipes. Will your mufflers work for my car?
A: Yes, our mufflers are universal and can easily be adapted to fit your exhaust pipe. We recommend installation by a qualified muffler shop as additional fitting may be required.

Q: How long does it take for your mufflers to break-in?
A: Our mufflers do not use packing, so there is no "break-in" period. Because of this the sound will stay consistent throughout the life of the muffler.